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TRAVELO OK is a Greek Travel Agency providing online reservation services. We offer high quality travel services for a wide selection of flights, hotels, ferry tickets, car rentals and organized tours in Greece and around the world. is owned and operated by Mytonis Tourism and Activities, a certified Greek Travel Agency from the Greek Tourism Organization (EOT Nr 0310 E6 10000 588Y1) and a certified member of IATA (IATA NR 27213384).

MYTONIS Tourism & Activities
Travel Agency
Main office:Panagiouda, Mytilini
Tel: +3022510-31777
Fax: +3022510-37502
Town office: Kountourioti 87, Mytilini
Tel: +3022510-37500

Flights from Mytillini*
Thessaloniki (Aegean Airlines) 28 €
Athens (Aegean Airlines) 28 €
Flights towards Mytillini*
Thessaloniki (Aegean Airlines) 28 €
Athens (Aegean Airlines) 43.64 €
Flights from Athens*
Larnaca (Olympic Air) 48.63 €
Buchurest (Olympic Air) 58.15 €
Tirana (Olypmic Air) 58.15 €
Cairo (Olypmic Air) 64.29 €
Amsterdam (Olympic Air) 76.15 €
Flights towards Athens*
Larnaca (Olypmic Air) 48.22 €
Buchurest (Olypmic Air) 57.16 €
Tirana (Olypmic Air) 57.50 €
Cairo (Olympic Air) 68.15 €
Amsterdam (Olypmic Air) 75.57 €
*The rates include VAT and airport taxes
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